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When you move to a new town, there are always new things to see and learn. Whether it’s learning how to navigate the city, where to get good food, or anything else, there are some things that can stump you if you’ve never seen it before. Even here in Lubbock, Texas.

A new Lubbock resident experienced one of these moments of confusion and took to r/Lubbock to get some insight. They posted a few photos along with the caption, "What's this hamster called? It's the size of a small rabbit. They also dug underground burrows."

Hearing that description would be enough for most Lubbockites to understand what critter they are seeing, but the photos they posted confirmed that the rodent in question was a prairie dog. I understand the confusion for someone who's never seen one before. They do kind of look like a big hamster, and they do dig underground, but so do meerkats, groundhogs, and certain types of squirrels.

In true Reddit fashion, some of the replies were sincere and gave the right answer, while others weren't so helpful. Some of the funniest replies include, "That's a cat," and "A bear." My personal favorite? "Jerry!"

If you have some free time and want a good laugh, I highly suggest scrolling through the 60-plus comments on the original post. While you'll often find posts like this on r/Lubbock, the forum is actually a pretty good place to learn more about the Hub City and see what’s going on around town.

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