Wow, I took part in democracy and all I got was this sticker...

Actually, I'm pretty darned proud of that sticker.

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I had one of those "moments of clarity" yesterday, as I sauntered into the United Supermarkets location at 4th and Milwaukee to buy my regular lunch, consisting of a box of wine and bag of Cool Ranch Doritos, when I saw the patio area was swarming with activity.  I stopped and realized that early voting was going on, and I hadn't cast my ballot as of yet.

Well, that all changed yesterday. Very quickly. Emphasis on "quickly".

I walked in, and was directed to a desk where two precinct workers sat. All I did was hand over my driver's license for verification (anyone who complains about voter ID is an moron), and got a pass code to access the voting terminal. I inserted a blank piece of paper which would essentially be my ballot, and verified with the pass code that I was who I said I was. Then, I made my choices.

They were:


Yeah, no, I'm not telling you or anyone who I voted for. It's no one's business, and I hate judgy people who only value you based on who you voted for.

Then, the system printed up my choices, and I inserted them into the actual scanner which counted my vote. Just like that, I was done. 4 minutes, total, and I was out the door with a shiny new sticker that says to the world that my opinion matters.

So, if you've registered, and have valid ID (I can't stress that enough), go vote. Today. Do it as you pick up cold cuts and Sunny D for lunch. It's just that easy. Uh-mericuh.

You Matter.

BTW, don't blame me. I voted for Kodos.


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