Thursday night, Texas Tech won its first men's NCAA tournament game since 2005. Keenan Evans was the star and he dominated the second half, allowing Texas Tech to pull away for the 70-60 win over Stephen F. Austin.

Evans was also involved in the best play of the game when he lobbed an alley-oop to rim-rocker Zhaire Smith. If you missed the game or just didn't see the dunk, here's a look at what I'm obsessed with today:

He's in the air FOREVER. It's like he hits pause at the top of his jump just to turn around. Not only does he complete the dunk, but Big Air Zhaire makes it look easy.

It also wasn't a flashy dunk just for the sake of being flashy. It just happened. In the post-game presser, Zhaire Smith said he "surprised himself" and he was just trying to catch the ball.

And just to add to the difficulty of the shot, come to find out, Keenan Evans wasn't even originally going to throw it to Zhaire. Evans altered his pass mid-motion because his original target, Zach Smith, was covered. Incredible play, all-around.

Here's a shot of the dunk with some spiffy animation of a tornado:

I'm excited Texas Tech gets another game in this year's tournament, and I hope that there's plenty more at Texas Tech next season for not-in-the-NBA-quite-yet Zhaire Smith.

On a related note: Does anyone know when the NCAA dunk contest is?


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