With any head coach at the college level, there's always some guarded language. They call it coach-speak in the biz. To cut through a little bit of that, here are some of the best snippets from this week's presser.

With captain Jah'Shawn Johnson a game-time decision for Saturday, John Bonney could actually start day one against Ole Miss. He was the second name listed as a replacement from Coach Kliff Kingsbury after Vaughnte Dorsey, who is already a starter at the other safety spot. He also named Quincy Addison and Thomas Leggett.

Kingsbury is high on the Ole Miss wideouts, saying that all three starting receivers are early round NFL talent. "You do the best you can to try to get your hands on them," Kingsbury said about the wide receivers, adding: "But you don't stop guys like that you just try to slow them down."

Kingsbury knows who Texas Tech's starting quarterback is, but doesn't want to say it until the team runs out of the tunnel Saturday afternoon. He does want to play all three if he gets the chance.

Kingsbury reiterated: "He'll jog out there and we'll go with him and start there, then see where it goes." Kingsbury continued about playing more than one QB: "You'd like to have one that takes it and goes but I'm open to what's best for the team."

In theory, it will be nice to see all three quarterbacks against Ole Miss, but if you see all three on Saturday in Houston, it's either going really good or really bad.

Coach Kingsbury is also high on Kisean Carter. "He's said two words since he's been here, and that's 'yes, sir.'" Kingsbury praised his work ethic and attitude saying: "Really excited about how quickly he's come along and he'll continue to come along."

Kliff Kingsbury doesn't remember much from college. Nice.

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