Patrick Mahomes is now, officially, the 5th most popular player in the NFL. It might not be the most accurate metric, but who the people are spending their money on is a pretty solid one.

Mahomes sold the 5th most NFL sanctioned merchandise, according to the NFLPA, who released the list this week. Mahomes trailed only Tom Brady, a couple of Dallas Cowboys players, and Carson Wentz.

Behind Mahomes was last year's Rookie of the Year, Saquads Barkley, and notable quarterbacks Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees and Deshaun Watson.

Fellow former Texas Tech QB Baker Mayfield made the list at number 12. I know how everyone likes to point out that Mahomes is better than Mayfield, so here's another option for you.

The next most popular Kansas City Chief on the list was Travis Kelce, who popped in at number 21.

In a breakdown of the list, it's noted that Mahomes' jersey was the third most popular last season, behind only Khalil Mack and Tom Brady. Mahomes' Texas Tech jersey, meanwhile, also led all collegiate jerseys of NFL stars, even more popular that Tom Brady's Michigan jersey. Mahomes was also the most popular sock. So there's that.

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