I had a list of articles cued up to write about the Texas Tech football program and who to watch for in the 2016 season, but ESPN beat me to the punch on who is ready to be a star on the Texas Tech defense.

You might be saying to yourself: "A star on defense at Texas Tech? That's a ridiculous statement." ESPN's Brandon Chatmon and I are here to tell you to believe it.

Since the cat has been let out of the bag, I'll just reveal who my favorite is to be the best player on the Defense at Texas Tech: Jah'Shawn Johnson.

Here's Jah'Shawn being Jah'Shawn.

The ESPN article, which outlined a potential star for each Big 12 team, said this about Johnson:

"The sophomore really sets the tone for the Red Raiders defense as an active safety who can make plays all over the field. Johnson recovered four fumbles, forced two fumbles and grabbed two interceptions during his redshirt freshman season. His active nature should help him garner All-Big 12 honors in the fall."

Arguably my favorite Red Raider and continuing in the tradition of ball hawking, tackling and heat-seeking DBs like Jamar Wall, Dwayne Slay and Cody Davis, Jah'Shawn Johnson will only improve on what was an outstanding redshirt freshman campaign.

The sophomore brings an edge to the defense that seems to have been lacking in recent years. His style is reckless as he puts his body on the line to excel as a play maker on the defensive side of the ball.

Johnson's ball hawking nature only lends itself to the David Gibbs mantra: 'If the other offense doesn't have the ball they can't score.' (I don't know if that's a direct quote, but I'm sure Gibbs has said that.) 'Get more turnovers' has been Gibbs' selling point since he arrived on campus.

Johnson basically closed the Arkansas game down with a huge takeaway within the final two minutes of the contest.

Johnson achieved that and more when he saved the season during the Kansas game where everything was going wrong for the Red Raiders with 4:20 left in the 4th Quarter and the Kansas offense on the field only down by three. Jah'Shawn did Jah'Shawn things.

His tenacity will only grow as his ability grows and he will be a key cog on a much improved defense for the Red Raiders in 2016.

It won't be the number one defense in the Big 12, but you know, baby steps.


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