During today's Texas Tech press conference Jah'Shawn Johnson was talking about Joel Lanning from Iowa State the former quarterback who is now playing linebacker at an elite level in the Big 12, while still taking snaps at quarterback and special teams. "That's impressive, especially going from quarterback to linebacker. It's a huge difference. But he's done a great job."

Johnson continued, "I don't think I would have any interest in doing it. Defense is enough, especially in the secondary it's pretty tough. But he's done a great job with it."

Johnson was asked what players on the Texas Tech team could play both ways, "Douglas Coleman was a good receiver in high school." Johnson then went in on Vaughnte Dorsey, "He swears he's the best quarterback that's came out of high school. He thinks he can throw the ball 70, 75 yards, and he just said he just needs a moving target and he can prove it to us. I don't know, we'll see about him."

To me, saying you can throw it 75 yards but only to a moving target is such a cop out move. That's like me saying I have a 42" vertical but only in Ohio. I'm banking on nobody saying, "Alright then let's go to Ohio." the same way Vaughnte is talking a big game about his cannon arm without having to produce.

What we need now is video evidence of Doresy's cannon and once we have proof Kingsbury needs to put in a package for Dorsey to show his rocket off during a game. That would be the best trick play of all time. No one would expect the safety to come in and toss the rock 70 yards to Keke Coutee, or maybe to Douglas Coleman who was apparently a dynamite receiver in high school.


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