You might have thought that College Gameday started Saturday morning, but the Texas Tech faithful actually started Friday night by camping out in anticipation of getting the best seats and a pass to get into the game.

Chris Beard didn't leave them hanging either, he delivered some piping hot pizza pie to the students bearing the cold in hopes of getting hype in the USA this afternoon.

This morning, pre-dawn, students lined up around the block!

And, as soon as the sun peaked over the horizon it was safe to exclaim,

Suns Up. Guns Up.

The atmosphere was crazy early with an entire side of the USA filling up to take part in the festivities. Tech students did this exciting move, which is definitely not similar to the Aggie tradition of "Sawing them off"

Jay Williams and Danny Amendola got the crowd warmed up with some half court attempts, which Danny missed but J-WIll drained. I'd like to see Jay Williams catch a touchdown from Tom Brady though.

At one point during the broadcast, the College Gameday crew all picked Texas Tech to make it to the Sweet 16, after Seth Greenberg tossed a Kansas card across the gym because they weren't going to the Final 4.

Jay Williams said, "100 percent." he would take the Red Raiders in the Sweet 16 and Jay Bilas liked them to go even further.

Seth Greenberg took Texas Tech to win the Big 12 and donned a bedazzled Masked Rider costume as he picked them over Kansas.

Danny Amendola returned to a raucous arena chanting, "Danny! Danny! Danny!" like it was 2007 again.

He was joined by Kliff Kingsbury as they hyped the crowd and Kingsbury called Coach Beard, "The best coach in Texas."

Finally, the guys picked the game and Bilas couldn't pick the game because he is on the broadcast team, but Seth Greenberg picked Texas Tech, because he picked them to win the Big 12.

The star of the picks was Jay Williams though:

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