This seemed like the greatest thing ever for Texas Tech, but it backfired spectacularly.

It took a couple of views to really get what happened here. Texas Tech unleashed an unexpected onside kick after scoring a touchdown in the 1st quarter and the ball was recovered by a Texas Tech player. WHOOO! Wreck 'em, Tech, right?!

Not so fast.

An Oklahoma State player was completely in the moment and had his head in the game and quickly signaled for a fair catch. This meant that not only did Texas Tech fail to recover the onside kick, but they actually interfered with the fair catch, costing them a 15-yard penalty.

Wowsers. I can't say anything but well done by both sides. It's simple: Texas Tech executed an awesome play. Everything was amazing, and at the end of a movie they'd be heroes and the guy who recovered the ball would be on a chariot with everyone throwing roses at him. Unfortunately, that one guy on the Oklahoma State team, in that split second, had the brains to call for a fair catch.

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With the hectic pace of college football and a ball coming at you in probably less than two seconds, to have the presence of mind to make that call is unbelievable.

You'll have to watch the video below several times to really see what happened here, but it becomes apparent pretty quickly that the Red Raider's luck ran out on what would have otherwise been a stellar call and play.

Ultimately, it wasn't the Red Raiders' day, and they lost to Oklahoma State, 41-31

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