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It's pretty obvious that crime is on the increase in the United States, and that includes here in Texas.

A new report from analyzed crime data from the recently released Uniform Crime Report, which is put out by the FBI each year. The report lists the most dangerous states according to the data released by the FBI.

How does the FBI put together its report? According to, the FBI relies on state and local police departments to voluntarily submit all the crime data they have:

To compile its annual reports, the FBI relies on state and local police departments to voluntarily submit crime data. While participation has never been 100%, this year it was especially low, largely thanks to a bureaucratic change. The FBI recently switched to a new crime-reporting system, known as National Incident-Based Reporting System, or NIBRS, completely phasing out its legacy Summary Reporting System. used the crime data from the FBI to compile a list of the 15 most dangerous states in America. So how did Texas do? Not great. According to the site, Texas comes in a number 11 in the 15 most dangerous states list:

11. Texas
> Violent crimes per 100,000 people, 2021: 391.1
> Total violent crimes, 2021: 115,474 (the highest of 41 states)
> Murders per 100,000 people, 2021: 6.6 (17th highest of 41 states)
> Total murders, 2021: 1,952 (the highest of 41 states)
> Poverty rate: 14.2% (9th highest of 41 states)

And while that may not sound great, there's reason to have some doubt in this report. Here's why.

The FBI report excluded nine states due to "insufficient reporting." Those states include New Mexico, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Illinois, Florida, California, and New York.

Those are some major states that were left out and reason enough to doubt that Texas is truly the 11th most dangerous state in America.

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