As is the norm around every election cycle, we hear the cries of various causes being championed that are not on the ballot yet are important to someone, somewhere. Things like legalization of casino gambling, breeding iguanas in your basement, and even hunting of bald eagles. However, one very polarizing issue remains that it seems everyone has an opinion on either way.


No, not rugs that tie the room together.

Legalizing weed.

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Even with the embrace of marijuana usage and legalization by many in government and the snack food industry, there are those who still firmly believe that Texas should now and forever be a weed-free republic. Even though the arguments rage on both sides, from statements abut the medicinal properties of marijuana to the idea that it should be regulated and taxed as a crop, there's very little common ground.

That being said, there is one reason why Texas should NOT legalize it.


With so many Lone Star lovers of the leaf making their way to the Land of Enchantment after that state's legalization of weed, if Texas were to also adopt that policy, we'd see the economy of New Mexico tumble like Joe Biden on a Schwinn.

They need Texas to stay weed-free. They need Texas dollars flowing over state lines. Otherwise, New Mexico really doesn't matter. It's barely a state anyway, and has only been one for 110 years. Rookie.

So let's help out our sad friend to the west and keep Texans driving over to grab our edibles and Panama Red. New Mexico needs all the help we can give them. By keeping weed illegal in Texas, we give New Mexico a reason to exist in a cloudy haze of Texas money.

But that casino thing? It needs to happen. Pronto.

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