It's probably not the Mike Tyson/Evander Holyfield bite that might be running through your head, and it didn't have the same outcome, but this bite is still getting a lot of attention.

Vancouver Canucks' star, Alex Burrows, decided he was going to get his money's worth in a scuffle with Patrice Bergeron of the Boston Bruins. Towards the end of the first period, Burrows and Bergeron got into it with the a ref trying to break it up. Burrows then decided to take matters into his own hands...or mouth.

Burrows chomped down on the finger of Bergeron without it being caught by the referee trying to break them up. Even though the bite wasn't caught by the ref, it was caught by the camera.

This could lead to a possible suspension for Burrows. Former Ottawa Senator Jarkko Ruutu was suspended two games in 2009 when he bit Andrew Peters of the Buffalo Sabres.

The Canucks ended up winning game one of the 2011 NHL Stanley Cup Finals 1-0 over the Bruins. Game two of the best of seven series will be Saturday night at 8ET.

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