We didn't get to see Zhaire Smith shoot a ton at Texas Tech; it just wasn't his role. He was a defensive stopper and nightmare match-up that could put anything back up around the backboard. He attempted 1.1 three pointers per game. It wasn't because he couldn't make them, though; he shot 45 percent from deep.

In the NBA, Smith will have to score to get on the court along with his dynamic abilities from the defensive end. If this stream of practice videos from Twitter (you should definitely follow Liberty Ballers for Zhaire Smith content) is any indication, Zhaire Smith can continue to be an above 40 percent guy from deep.

He was draining from the catch and shoot:

He was draining from the kick-out and return corner dagger:

.But can he sink a pull up transition three? Yes, yes he can:

He can flash to the corner:

He can flash to the top of the key:

He can do it in slow motion:

I realize this is just practice and doesn't mean anything without a defender in his face, but Smith going 25 of 55 (45 percent) is enough to get excited for. He gets into some real action this Friday at the Summer League in Vegas, with the opening matchup against the Boston Celtics at 6:30 p.m. on ESPN.


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