If you've lived in Lubbock for a while, you probably know what the 50 Yard Line Steakhouse is.

I first found out about this place from my mom. When she lived in Lubbock, she loved going there. The first thing she told me was that I needed to go for the blueberry muffins. So when they came to move me into college in 2013, that was our first stop on the list.

I fell in love with a lot of things because of the restaurant, but man, those blueberry muffins were something I've never tasted. We even went there to eat on my graduation day because it was so special to my family.

Once 50 Yard Line closed in 2019, it really broke our hearts. We've tried so many different recipes to recreate their blueberry muffins, but it was never the same. But now, things have changed.

Whisk'd is a kitchen store in Lubbock that's making our blueberry dreams come true. They're now selling the "special sauce" from the 50 Yard Line. This will be the icing on the cake to make it as close as possible to having it in stores.

They say with every purchase of a bottle of Butavan, you will also give you the recipe card to make your very own 50 Yard Line Blueberry Muffins. Mom, I hope you aren't reading this because it will be a surprise for you this weekend, but my family will be trying it out.

You can buy a bottle at their store located at 9810 Slide Road, #400 in Lubbock, Texas or online at their website.

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