The official start to hunting season is just a few days away but there are a few reminders that hunters should be aware of. September 1st is the official date of the beginning of dove hunting season, adult squirrel hunting season too, which means that hunters don't have much time to get their hunting license renewals if they were too busy getting prepared. 

Hunting licenses expire tomorrow, August 31st, and must be renewed before any kind of hunting can be done of game that is in season. KAMC news reported that the Outdoor Annual app and the My Hunt Texas Harvest app are two easy ways that hunters can purchase their hunting licenses and keep their license numbers handy. The apps also don't need any cell phone signal to work as long as customers have signed in once on the app which allows for hunters to have their information handy in case they encounter game wardens in an area with no cell signal.

Residents out in the county are advised that if they hear any gunshots in the morning or at sunset to be advised that it might be hunters following the law. Hunters have 30 minutes before sunrise to hunt and cannot hunt past sunset with migratory game birds. As the time for sunrise and sunset changes each day so does the time of when hunting can be done, it's advised to check online what the local times of both daily events will be each day. The regulations to follow specifically for dove can be found online along with searching the county, Lubbock County dove regulations can be found here.

The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation is also advising that hunters wear long clothing incase of rattlesnakes and to keep an eye out for abandoned water wells. Abandoned water wells must be reported due to problems it could cause to ground water and wanderers according to a Texas Occupations Code. The Texas Occupation Code also gives guidelines on what defines an abandoned water well and what does not. Water wells that have passed all the guidelines of being abandoned must be reported to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation along with the GPS coordinates or address to ensure the safety of every person and animal.

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