The NFL's Super Bowl is set to take place in February at SoFi stadium in Los Angeles, California. It'll be the venue's first Super Bowl after hosting the Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers for the past couple of seasons.

There's good news and bad news here.

The good news is that SoFi Stadium is an incredible state-of-the-art stadium that could easily play host to the AFC and NFC Champions on the world's biggest stage. The bad news? SoFi Stadium is in Los  Angeles, California, which is an incredibly large metropolitan area and in California.

They're not dealing with the latest Omicron COVID-19 surge in a timely manner, which is leading to some speculation that the Super Bowl will be moved to accommodate the teams and fans in a better atmosphere.

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The short answer here is moving the game to either Florida or Texas. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers hosted, and won, the Super Bowl last season. I guess you could host the game in Jacksonville or Miami, but sending the game to Florida in back-to-back seasons seems unfair for some reason.

Therefore, Texas is a logical destination. is reporting that the Dallas Cowboys' front office has had preliminary talks with the NFL about potentially hosting the Super Bowl if California puts more restrictions in place in the next six weeks. Arlington, though, has the same major metro feel as LA.

I know you'll lose some seating going from Jerry's AT&T Stadium to Jones AT&T, but Lubbock has enough hotels to accommodate the travelers, and I'm sure the City of Lubbock would greatly benefit from the two-week tourist influx it would bring.

Is this feasible? Probably not, but you know what is? Lubbock hosting the Sundance Film Festival. Earlier today, it was announced that the Sundance Film Festival was "going virtual." I have zero doubt that the Sundance Film Festival could be re-planned and moved to any city with moderate facilities within a month.

It's panel discussions and movie screenings. If they need to hold a fancy dinner party, Lubbock can do that, too.

Heck, the city just held a basketball tournament playing hundreds of basketball gyms with more than a hundred teams in gyms across the city. If that can be planned and executed, I bet the Alamo Drafthouse, Premiere Cinemas, and Cinemark's Movies 16 and XD and Tinseltown could band together to put on the film festival.

Want to have a special outdoor screening? We're back at The Jones.

Lubbock is a growing and thriving community that needs more action. Splashing onto the national scene would be a great way to announce to the state that Lubbock isn't messing around anymore and that we're more than just dust storms and house parties.

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