We could be looking at some chilly weather on Thursday (January 6th).

I don't deny that cold with some wind is terrible, but I think quite often "wind chill" can be a bit of hype.

At about 9 a.m. on Thursday, we're looking to hit a low of the day of about 21 degrees. The temperature will inch up a bit to about 34, according to Weather.com. The problem is, we'll have winds around 15-18 miles an hour around then. So, it's going to be bitterly cold.

Locally, at least one meteorologist is predicting things get even colder than that, with a low of 18 and winds up to 25mph. I'm not sure why he's landing on the side of the extremes, but I guess we'll find out tomorrow who's more accurate.

Either way, it's going to be cold and you should take whatever precautions you can. At the very least, make sure your pets are taken care of and before you leave the house. Open up any cabinets you have under plumbing that's near an exterior wall. Once again, that's the bare minimum you should do. You could also let the faucet drip, try to cover exposed outdoor plumbing, and so on.

Since we're also reviewing some extremes, I would also tell you to check that you have candles in case of a power interruption, bring in some firewood if you have a fireplace, and make sure all your devices are properly charged. It really never hurts for you to take a look at what you have ready for an emergency. If a little cold snap is what it takes for you to get that done, then so be it.

Layer up, my friends. The answer to the question, 'just how cold will Lubbock get on Thursday?' is pretty darn cold. I guess I should mention the cold weather looks to be temporary, too. It looks like there'll be a high of 61 degrees on Friday and 70 degrees on Saturday.

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