Lt. Col. Allen West is aiming to take down Governor Greg Abbott in the Republican Primary for Governor. While many in the media are dismissive of the other candidates in the Republican Primary and are already treating the Governor's race as Abbott vs. Beto O'Rourke, West says that type of talk is insulting and that there is plenty of time for the campaign to defeat Abbott.

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One of the major areas West disagrees with Abbott on is Abbott's handling of the border crisis and the time it is taking to build the wall and secure the border. West also told Hasty that many involved in Operation Lonestar are operating in "deplorable conditions". West said some troops do not have weapons or enough ammunition.

West also told Hasty that if cartels fire across the border, Texas DPS and Border Patrol officials should be able to respond. For West, that means that Texas DPS, Border Patrol, and the Texas National Guard should be able to return fire and possibly even pursue individuals across the border.

On the issue of property taxes, West said he believes in zero based budgeting and downsize the government where we can. West also wants to transition from property taxes to consumption-based taxes, and West told Hasty that it doesn't have to take eight to ten years for the transition to occur.

When asked the difference between himself and another challenger, former State Senator Don Huffines, West pointed to his military experience and his time as Chairman of the Texas GOP and the pressure he put on members of the Legislature to get certain issues passed.

You can listen to the full interview with West above.

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