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In the past few days, the Hub City has seen a couple of scary instances involving gun violence in areas where people should feel safe and confident that they can enjoy life.

The first incident occurred Friday night (May 1st) in East Lubbock when kids and coaches at a youth baseball game had to duck for cover after shots rang out at a nearby apartment complex. Fortunately, no one at the game was hurt, although there were a lot of shaken nerves, and rightfully so. The Frenship Youth League has now stated that they will not hold any more Friday night games at that site, but will play during the week only of there are assurances of safety from the Lubbock Police Department.

The next incident took place on Tuesday night at South Plains Mall, when an 18 year old later identified as Christopher Castillo was shot in the area between the movie theater and a carnival that's been set up in the parking lot. According to the Lubbock Police Department, he later died at University Medical Center.

So, what's the common thread? You can say it's guns all you want and that we need new gun laws and legislation. However, with millions of responsible gun owners in the nation and background checks already in place, that's the wrong argument.

No, the issue is, and has always been, gangs.

Photo by Nathan Costa on Unsplash
Photo by Nathan Costa on Unsplash

Thugs. Bangers. Dumbasses.


Unfortunately, these kids have no regard for human life and a complete disregard of common sense. Mostly because the families that these kids grew up in were dysfunctional, they became targets for predators/gang leaders who give the impression that they can give these idiots a better life of money, drugs, and power. When, in reality, these kids are just tools and pawns who think that if they flash a piece and a wad of bills that they are somebody. Well, Lubbock County Jail is full of these "success stories."

Trust me, it's not the guns. If you took guns away from everyone else, these cretins would still get access to them somehow, regardless of whatever narrative is shared.

Start with the problems at home and you may have your answer.

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