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Part of being a responsible gun owner is continued education when it comes to the guns laws in Texas and also knowing when you can or can not draw a weapon. Carrying a firearm is a great responsibility and knowing the laws along with training is vital.

Even if you don't carry a gun every day but have a handgun or shotgun at home for home protection, you need to know the laws when it comes to deadly force. That's why a class happening tonight at SS Outfitters near Levelland from 6-8 p.m. tonight is going to be so important to attend.

SS Outfitters is teaming up with U.S. Law Shield to present this information on Thursday evening. As someone who carries a gun, it's your responsibility to know the laws and U.S. Law Shield they will spend time going over the law, different scenarios, and of course answering your questions. According to the Facebook event page, you will also learn between force and us of force

1. The difference between "force" and "deadly force";
2. When a person may use deadly force against another to protect themselves or a third person;
3. Whether displaying a weapon constitutes the use of deadly force;
And much, much more…

In order to sign up, SS Outfitters and U.S. Law Shield are just asking that you call ahead for a spot at 806-897-1865. Pizza will be served which is one of the reasons why they are asking you to call ahead. They need to get enough pizza for everyone.

This is going to be a great class for anyone that has a firearm. If you can attend, you should. SS Outfitters is located at 6045 Highway 114.

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