Success can be defined in a number of ways in College football. If you're Alabama a National Championship is a success. For Kansas in the last decade, it's been a successful season to win one Big 12 game. The definition of success varies from program to program.

So, the question we have for you is, "What is the definition of success for the Texas Tech football program?"

Initially my thought was a bowl game. Isn't that always the goal? But, is 6-6 and a bowl game really a success for Texas Tech? Is that the level of success the program should strive for? In year one maybe, but in a  four year stretch 24-24 with bowl appearances isn't lighting the world on fire. Maybe Coach Beard and Kittley and Tadlock have spoiled us but it's common place to expect excellence in a program.

And Texas Tech was on the cusp of that a decade ago.

Texas Tech can have a successful season without a Big 12 title, but that's should be a realistic expectation every year. Similar to Oklahoma State since 2009 or Iowa State in the last two seasons. 8-wins and no blowout losses. Win the games you should and have a winning record in the Big 12. At the very least the Big 12 games in Lubbock.

I don't ask for much.

Ryan Hyatt and I talked about the definition of success on The Raiderland. You can listen to that below:

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