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Stick a fork in him, he's done.

Unless you've been spending a lot of subterranean time in Prairie Dog Town, you've undoubtedly heard that Matt Wells will be filing for COBRA this week. It's never fun; I've been there myself (six times, but who's counting?).

Coaches are hired to be fired, that's a fact of life, but that doesn't take the sting out of it or make the prospects of finding another job any easier. Should Wells choose to stay in the Hub City, there's no shortage of open positions where he could land on his feet.

7 Lubbock Businesses That Can Hire Matt Wells

A list of Lubbock businesses where Matt Wells can work now that he's no longer Texas Tech head football coach.

18 Guys Who Could Coach Texas Tech Football in 2022

This list is by no means complete, it's just some names I've seen circulating on social media and message boards. Along with the usual suspects, I've added some wild cards to make it a little spicier.

This is a list I've come up with, but the first several names on this list have definitely been contacted and could be potential hires.

Geniuses on Twitter know everything: Matt Wells *fill in the blank*

The Definitive Ranking of Texas Professional Sports Mascots

I am a Dallas fan for pretty much everything, except baseball. Sorry, grew up in Baltimore so the Orioles are my team. However, when it comes to my mascot list below, I am being 100% honest. I think my choices will honestly shock you.

Last Minute Funny Lubbock Themed Halloween Costume Ideas

Here are a few last-minute Lubbock-themed Halloween costume ideas that get weirder the further you scroll.

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