Dez Bryant is one of the greatest to ever play the game. He also played with a pretty good quarterback in Tony Romo. So, Bryant knows a thing or two about talent in the NFL. It's not surprising that he was singing the praises of Patrick Mahomes this weekend, as Mahomes broke another record on his way to a 3-0 start with the Chiefs.

The real dramatics here is that Dez is a proud Poke, and the Red Raiders absolutely dominated his alma mater this weekend. I guess unemployment has taught Bryant some humility.

Patrick Mahomes showed that real recognize real, regardless of background, and hit him with the East Texas recognition.

Dez Bryant wasn't the only one calling for MVP honors after week three:

Even the NFL is getting in on the action!

This is great exposure for Mahomes, who's already a bona fide star. But it's also great for Texas Tech and Kliff Kingsbury. The recruiting pitch now can be, 'You want to dominate in the NFL? Come and learn my system.'

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