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Eastern New Mexico gets all the UFO shine. Which is well deserved, as Roswell has gone all-in on their heritage of "alien" phenomena. But who is to say our outer space neighbors, should they exist, didn't also swing by West Texas? Seems on-the-way to me.

Lubbock has its own claim to UFO fame, the "Lubbock Lights". The Lubbock Lights were some sort of visible (and photographable) phenomenon that happened on the night of August 25, 1951. Many people witnessed it, including some scientists from what was then called Texas Technical College. does a great deep dive on the appearance of the V-shaped blue-yellow lights that swung over Lubbock. In the end, the Air Force concluded it was just birds reflecting light, but there's plenty of witness testimony that could poke holes in that theory, should you be inclined to disbelieve the "official" cause. I chose to believe it was aliens, because that's more fun and I can believe what I want.

Lubbock's Two Docs is celebrating the anniversary of the Lubbock Lights just a little bit early. This upcoming Saturday, August 20th, they'll host "Lubbock Light Celebration After Dark Party" featuring live music from 9 p.m. to midnight.

The party kicks off with LIGHTS OUT on the patio just after dusk at 9:00PM with live music! There will be limited glow sticks available to help you shine, and you're encouraged to bring your best outfit for our Alien themed party!

My buddy Brandon is making a special appearance with band Analog Junky. He's playing ocean drum, synth and zither so I already know the music is going to bring the perfect mood to the event. EDM DJ Flux N Flow will be performing as well. Costumes and glowing/ light up stuff is highly encouraged. There will be a limited number of glow sticks available.

The event is free to attend but be sure to bring beer (or really excellent non-alcoholic root beer) money.

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