I always hear people complaining that there is “nothing to do in Lubbock.” Whenever I hear people say that, I always just assume that they don’t put much effort into finding things to do. If you just take a little bit of time to look, you can find some great stuff to do in the Hub City.

Here is a fun staycation idea that only took me about five minutes to discover. If you head over to Airbnb and search for stays in Lubbock, you will find a bunch of cute homes or apartments that you can rent out.

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I found a beautiful condo for rent in Lubbock’s historic downtown for only $108 per night. It would be a great stay for someone traveling on their own or with a partner, and it is close to all of the fun stuff central Lubbock has to offer. Like the Buddy Holly Center, Charles Adams Gallery, Texas Tech University, and all of the nightlife off of Broadway.

Something they specifically advertise in the listing is how close the stay is to some of Lubbock’s breweries. I think this makes for an amazing weekend getaway. You can stay in a historic building, and tour some of the amazing breweries that call Lubbock home.

Take a look at the condo you can rent off of Airbnb, as well as three breweries you can tour in Downtown Lubbock:

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Here is a great Lubbock staycation idea that involves touring three of Lubbock's wonderful breweries, and staying in a beautiful historic condo that is available on Airbnb.

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