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I've been driving up and down Broadway every day for weeks, hoping that the signs are not fooling me. There it is, on the corner of Broadway and Avenue E.

Google Street View

According to their website and Facebook page, Auld is set to open "in 2020." Well, it's October...and I'm getting thirsty.

Auld presently has a location up in Borger, but also have the Lubbock location on their website as opening soon.

Their mission, they say, is to "produce delicious Craft Beer for the people of Lubbock, Texas and surrounding areas. Our Company will strive to create a positive and tasty experience for all our consumers."

This is a welcome addition to an already amazing Lubbock craft beer scene. Looks like they've got a fantastic lineup, with some great IPAs and other varieties, but personally, I can't wait to try that Dust Devil Wheat.

In the meantime, I've already made my presence known at both Two Docs and the Brewery LBK. I've been blown away by the incredible selection and vibes that both places have.

Google Street View

Yeah, that patio at Two Docs is awesome.

Google Street View

And, there is nothing like a cold beer while watching the world go by at The Brewery LBK.

This is all in addition to the local spots where you can enjoy these local brews and some great food, like Mr. Brews Taphouse on Milwaukee Ave. You can see why there's such an excitement over the craft beer scene in the Hub City.

However, as a homebrewer, my only real complaint is that there is no brewers supply shop in Lubbock (that I'm aware of at least). The closest one that I know of is in Amarillo, and I'm not crazy about driving two hours to pick up yeast, hops, and grain when we should have that available to us right here.

But for beer, I'll drive anywhere.

In the meantime, I'll keeping driving by, hoping that Auld opens up soon.

Two Docs Brewing: 502 Texas Avenue, Lubbock, Texas

The Brewery LBK: 1204 Broadway Street #104, Lubbock, Texas

Mr. Brew's Taphouse: 7604 Milwaukee Avenue #100, Lubbock, Texas

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