It was reported by HornSports Monday morning that Texas Tech fans successfully got former Texas Tech men's basketball head coach Chris Beard's Twitter account suspended. I say 'reported,' but it's not a report.

I'll start over. Monday morning, HornSports wildly speculated that Texas Tech fans successfully got Chris Beard's Twitter account suspended.

I'm not going to claim that Texas Tech fans took the Beard to Austin news well. Former players had to come out on Twitter to respond to the threats on Chris Beard and his family.

I personally don't believe that Texas Tech fans got Chris Beard's new account suspended. I think one of two things happened.

The first scenario is that Chris Beard was mass deleting old tweets and unfollowing a bunch of people, and Twitter suspended his account due to strange activity. Or, my personal belief, The softest university in Texas, UT, was trying to suspend a fake Chris Beard account and accidentally got the real one taken down.

The real Chris Beard account has two underscores.

This beautiful parody has one underscore:

Another tipoff that it's fake? "He" tweeted on April 3rd that "he" loves small crowds, which is why he moved on to Austin.

This fake Twitter account also repurposed Kliff Kingsbury's goodbye, because the real one never said anything publicly.

Unfortunately, I'm having to use screenshots from the fake account because Twitter eventually realized their mistake, suspending the parody and reinstating the real real Coach Beard, who used his first tweet back to finally put out a proper statement to Red Raider nation.

The fact that the real Chris Beard account pops back up when the parody goes down pretty much verifies my conspiracy theory that his account was accidentally wiped.

I'll always remember you fondly, single underscore Coach Beard. It was a great run.

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