I don't know that anybody does the flyover better than Texas Tech.

Sure there are probably bigger flyovers at the Super Bowl or some event like that, but Jones AT&T Stadium has a flyover every week it seems. It's also a variety of jets and pilots that come through the Hub City.

This week, we got a Jet Pilot's POV on the flyover and it's awesome.

This is quite the experience. The new Top Gun: Maverick was allegedly shot in real planes which made it look more real, but they didn't quite have the bug coverage that this pilot had to deal with. I guess I never thought of how bad the bug debris would be, but that's a top 5 dirty windshield I've seen that didn't involve an hour or two of mudding.

Really puts into perspective trying to get in a dogfight with bugs in your way. Anyways.

The flyover is highlighted by the Goin' Band from Raiderland still on the field shaping out the Double T and the entire pregame of the Red Raiders at the Jones with Centennial Champion and the Masked Rider leading the team out after the National Championship and the electric flyovers.

The atmosphere makes it great but it really is the flyover that makes the Texas Tech pregame festivities pop. The best pregame in the country, the best flyover's in the country consistently. It all makes sense.

Here's another great shot of the flyover from the ground level, as well as other shots from the game against Baylor.

Texas Tech Football vs Baylor Bears (October, 29th)

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