Back in May, I told you about a place opening in Lubbock from Midland and Odessa and everyone gets excited for it to come. Well, it is time to enjoy!

It's called Ajuua's Mexican Restaurant. While I've never visited this place, many people have been raving about it and saying they've always wanted it to come to Lubbock. Ajuua's owner Zeke Ramirez finally decided to open one here. So let's get excited and bring on the margaritas and good times.

Ajuua's serves up all the traditional Mexican dishes like nachos, fajitas, taco salads, quesadillas, enchiladas, etc. They also make seafood, steaks, chicken strips, breakfast and so much more. When you see their menu you'll be shocked at how much they have to offer. Below are some pictures of their food and menu.

People have said things like, "a lot of variety and generous portions for the money," "great seafood" and "love the Chili Rellenos."

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