Alan Bowman has been beaten up during his career. He's had punctured lungs, cracked collar bones, and hurt ankles. He's also been benched by the coaching staff and slammed on social media relentlessly during his Texas Tech career. The much-maligned signal-caller has done a lot in his career, but there's one thing he's never done.

He's never quit.

There's been a number of times he could have. Two freak injuries in one season? No shame in medical retirement. Getting benched and then throwing a pick-6 in his first pass attempt after returning? That's a tough look. But it was no problem for Bowman on Saturday. He shook it off and led Texas Tech on four scoring drives over the final six possessions against Baylor, ending in a last-second game-winning field goal.

Those are just two examples of his resiliency. A quarterback who's been lambasted on social media and sports talk radio for his entire tenure. Calling for backups for most of his time as the Red Raider starter. People saying it was Kliff Kingsbury making miracles with Bowman instead of Bowman actually having the chops to be a Big 12 QB.

Regardless of the noise, Bowman just puts his head down and competes. He's earned the respect of Red Raiders fans twice over simply because of his determination and desire. Those are two admirable qualities in a leader.

I don't know if Alan Bowman will be the starter in Stillwater or against Kansas in Lubbock. I don't know if he'll remain a Red Raider his entire career, but I think we've certainly learned Bowman won't quit competing.

Alan Bowman Will Never Quit

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