Do you ever have such an ‘oopsie’ moment that you hope no one sees or remembers? For me it was walking across the Texas Tech campus with a drink and food in my hands, tripping, falling over, and everything in my hands going flying. My friend was with me at the time, and fortunately, we can have a good laugh about it now, but it was absolutely mortifying when it happened.  

Now, imagine making a major mistake that you wish people would forget about, but they won’t, because your friend recorded it. That seems to be the case for a student living in college Station, Texas. Her roommate posted a video showing off a ridiculous mistake she made. 

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The TikTok shows the point of view of the passenger in a car as it’s driving along what the driver apparently thinks is the road. I don’t know where the confusion happened, but she was not driving on the road, but rather on the sidewalk next to the road. She doesn’t seem to recognize this mistake until her roommate points and says “the road’s over there,” to which she responds, “where,” confirming that she had no idea she was driving on the sidewalk instead of the road. 

The best part about all of this is that it is happening in broad daylight, and despite this being the behavior of someone under the influence, they seem to be sober. I have no clue how you could mistake the sidewalk for the road, but I am so glad the driver’s roommate decided to film the incident before correcting her. 

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