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Something everyone in Lubbock can agree on is that we have some terrible drivers here. However, they could be a lot worse.

I definitely agree that Lubbock drivers are horrible at times. There are the trucks that speed by and cut you off, the old folks that go 20 miles per hour under the speed limit, and the large population that forgets how to drive whenever the road is slightly wet or, God forbid, icy.

I will forever stand by my position that Lubbock has some really bad drivers, but I will never say they're the worst drivers out there.

I grew up just outside of a fairly large city so I was used to aggressive drivers, but my recent trip to Michigan reminded me of just how bad these large cities can get. Imagine taking the things you hate most about the drivers here and putting them on steroids, because that's what it’s like driving in Detroit.

Everyone is going at least 15 over the speed limit, you're constantly being cut off, and no one pays attention to their surroundings. It feels like you’re constantly in a state of fight or flight trying to navigate the road because one second everything is fine, and the next someone is nearly slamming into your car as they try to merge.

I can’t even imagine how scary it is to drive there during the winter. Not only are the winters are 10 times worse, but their drivers are deadly. I'm sure anyone that grew up in Lubbock would have a heart attack trying to navigate something like that.

So the next time you come across that one frustrating Lubbock driver, just remember that they aren’t actually as bad as you might think. (But they're still pretty bad.)

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