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If you've been in Lubbock long enough, there are a few things you will learn. It's always windy, you can never escape the dirt, and no one knows how to function their vehicles.

I swear, I thought the drivers where I grew up were bad, but then I moved to Lubbock. No one can follow the speed limit, people constantly cut you off, and people can never seem to park properly.

It seems like every time I try to park there's at least one person taking up two spots, parked incredibly crooked, or some other ridiculous way of parking that inconveniences everyone. Because of this, I decided t take to Google Street View to see how many bad parking jobs I could find around Lubbock that were captured on there.

After just a little bit of searching, I managed to find 25 bad parkers in Lubbock. Keep scrolling to see them for yourself.

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