This really doesn't matter. What the players wear. Red jerseys, white jerseys, and a different overall combo every week. Somehow, I think that Texas Tech has figured out new combinations after settling into a look a few years ago. Wells even found a new combo with last week's white helmet, red jersey and red pants look.

I actually like the random nature of the Red Raiders' uniform choices since they whittled it down to a red, black and white option for the three levels. It all looks good together, and if they can avoid the gray and throw in an occasional throwback, they're in business.

The only drawback is there isn't any tradition to it; it's all kind of willy-nilly.

Until now.

It seems that from now on in the Wells Era, there will be zero guess work about the uniform if it's a home game in Lubbock and at night.

It will be a blackout. No questions asked.

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