If you've been on Twitter in the last year I'm sure you've seen the Big Game Boomer account that has become an engagement machine ranking things in college athletics. The beauty of BGB's gimmick is that he ranks things that can't really be quantified most times.

All of the rankings are just his opinion and people take offense like he's presenting facts that are verifiably wrong. As a content creator, it's a great business model.

That being said, sometimes the lists this guy comes up with are just absolutely out of left field outrageous. The latest was his list of "Top 50 Friendliest Head Coaches in College Football".

How can you possibly know how friendly a coach is? I'd like to know BGB's criteria for the list, but regardless the list was put together and our very own Texas Tech head football coach Joey McGuire clocked in at number 17. Coincidentally, right behind a former Red Raider in Mike Leach who checked in at 15.

The replies to BGB were delightful with fans of many teams retelling stories to the masses of the greatness of their own head coach. Texas Tech fans were quick to jump in trying to get McGuire moved up a few spots.

Now, I don't know if Red Raider Dugout's story about McGuire taking the trash out at the football facility is true or not, but it sounded like a real thing Joey McGuire would do. So I added my own (fake) story as a joke, about how McGuire paid for my gas and bought corndogs for underprivileged kids.

The problem with the jokes like that is that McGuire has been absolutely everywhere in Lubbock since being hired in November it's hard to tell what this legend has accomplished, or not accomplished, since getting here.

Over at Gamblin' Gauchos on Twitter, we asked our followers if they would tell us some of their favorite Joey McGuire TOTALLY REAL stories and we were not disappointed.

Allegedly Joey McGuire has been knocking on doors in Houston talking about recruits.

This one absolutely is real. Joey wouldn't pass up an opportunity for a good Let's Goooooo.

I'm torn on this one. Joey McGuire might legitimately be a guardian angel for Texas Tech football and it's fans.

This one comes with photographic proof to prove the veracity of the tiny girl and the tacos.

I can also attest to this one. Joey McGuire HAS to have body doubles with the number of selfies he took at Texas Tech tailgates over the course of the final home games last season. He wasn't coaching, so he hit the pavement.

Joey McGuire respects women's athletics. Accurate.

I didn't believe this one until the shetland ponies were mentioned. McGuire would look so good on a shetland pony. Can he follow the Masked Rider out on one?

Can also confirm that Deano was on staff with McGuire at Cedar Hill.

Forget Door Dash and Uber Eats, just call Joey.

Joey McGuire told everyone he was making Texas Tech into Texas High School Coaches University. He's a man of his word.

Did you know Table 82 has 82 tables?

Not only does McGuire shake hands and kiss babies, he delivers them too.

Over/Under 5,000 selfies for Joey with Red Raiders since the day he was hired?

"It was sick"

I need to have a WOOOO battle with Joey McGuire. Somebody set this up.

While I have no doubt that McGuire has the skills and physical competency to do manual labor like regrading speed bumps, this one seems like a fib. The kittens and trees and helping people cross the street are totally real though.

More video proof. Look at that smile. Friendly as heck!

Incognito Joey is my favorite Joey.

I just want this one to be true.

The bottom line is that, while this might be a joke, Joey McGuire is absolutely that genuine guy that makes all of these stories moderately believable.

Glad he's in charge of Texas Tech football and I hope he's friendly to everyone but the opposing players and coaches. They can take a hike.

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