The 2016 football season didn't turn out how anyone wanted it to, but that didn't stop 1340 The Fan from covering all the action. It also didn't stop some crazy action from happening. From injuries to dirty chanting, Texas Tech football saw it's share of shareable content.

Here are our most trafficked videos from an eventful 2016:

  • Honorable Mention

    Entire Crowd Breaks Out Cell Phone Lights

    The Jones was united in an effort to defeat the Oklahoma Sooners this season. Shining a light on their offensive onslaught did not make anything look better.

    As this distraction technique used by the Red Raider faithful that did not faze OU quarterback Baker Mayfield, more on him later in the list.

  • 5

    Kliff's 'worst he's ever seen' presser

    I'll let Kliff explain this one in the video below.

  • 4

    The Longhorn highlight package

    I have a strong feeling that this video was watched mostly by Longhorn fans on stolen WIFI from the McDonalds in the back of the Walmart where they buy their TShirts from.

  • 3

    Rubbernecking at Patrick Mahomes' injury

    Everyone does it. You see a wreck on the side of the road and you just can't help but look.

    That sadistic piece of everyone's heart coupled with the 'will he or won't he play" vibe the following few weeks built this video into the view snatcher it was.

  • 2

    NSFW: Baker Mayfield is not well liked in Lubbock, Texas

    Baker Mayfield is not well liked in Lubbock, Texas might be an understatement, but this chant was not.

    The entire student section let their feelings ring true on that fateful night in Lubbock. Maybe it was their true feelings that rang. In any case, Baker Mayfield got the last laugh as his Sooners won the game.

  • 1

    SFA highlights, AKA the high point of the Texas Tech season

    Damn, were y'all ready for some football. After months of hearing how this was the best Texas Tech Team since 2008, the 806 was ready to burst after an emphatic win over SFA.

    Little did you know this game would be the high point of a low season.

    It's truly an indictment on the season that Texas Tech had that this highlight video was the most watched.

    So often, the hype exceeds the product.

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