In 2017, Jack Anderson was a part of a revamped offensive line. For his efforts, he was named Freshman All-American, but the team won just six games. In 2018, Anderson was part of a solidified returning corps, but the team won just five games and missed a bowl game.

Heading into year three as a Red Raider, Anderson is once again part of a veteran group that can potentially start four guys who have extensive experience.

It's a brand new staff, yes, but Anderson is ready to take that experience and turn it into wins. "I just want to win," Anderson said, adding: "We've always had the talent. We've never been able to make 11 players play really good football consistently."

It's that consistency that new head coach Matt Wells is trying to find. But if it helps the team win, Anderson might have to play center in 2019, or work into a goal-line tight end role.

Anderson responded to Wells' tight end talk like this: "I'm not blocking at tight end. I'm going to the corner."

Anderson then doubled down: "They need to throw me a touchdown!"

He did clarify he'd do whatever the team needed, but I think we're on to something here with Jack Anderson catching touchdowns.

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