Texas Tech football player Rika Levi explained a new phrase being used among the team's defensive squad -- 806 D -- and exactly what it means.

According to Levi, Texas Tech's new Defensive Coordinator David Gibbs is bringing a fresh attitude to the defensive team.

Levi explained what the thinking behind Texas Tech's new "806 D" motto is in an interview with 1340 The Fan's Robert Snyder and Aaron Brodie:

Basically, 806 is the area code for Lubbock, and Coach Gibbs brought this new, fresh theme...you know what 86'd is? Coach Gibbs broke it down like this: back in the olden times when they'd 86 somebody out of a community...they'd make him walk either 80 miles or 80 feet outside of the town and he'd have to dig himself six feet (into the ground).

Levi added that last year's disappointing 4-8 season is "all motivation" for the team heading into the 2015 season.

"You can't push something like that to the side. You can't go 4-8 and just forget about it. If you do, then you're not a competitor," said Levi. "Everybody on this team is down to compete, so we use that at times of need when we feel it's too hard or too hot. 4-8 it was too hard, 4-8 it was too hard."

Texas Tech football head coach Kliff Kingsbury has echoed Levi's sentiment that fans should expect a more mature, seasoned and disciplined defensive squad this year.

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