Pat Mahomes had the most passing yards in the Big 12 last year and he didn't have a receiver who could go up and win a jump ball. If Derrick Willies has anything to say about it, Texas Tech will most definitely have that style of receiver in 2016.

Dangerous. Awesome.

Imagine this: Pat gets loose from the pocket. (Not hard to imagine.) He runs left. Runs right. Spins. Throws a ball around three defenders and then, out of nowhere like an eagle or some kind of bird that jumps really high, a Texas Tech receiver swoops in to save his QB.

Can Derrick Willies be that guy?

We think he can. I mean, if Willies can jump like this while sitting down, just imagine his leaping ability while moving athletically.

A lot has been made about "replacing Jakeem Grant." I think this receiving core will be full of talent and overall much better than last season. It will also be a little more Jace Amaro than Jakeem Grant.


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