Texas Tech has beaten 3 ranked opponents in a row. Iowa State and Oklahoma were both home games.

After each game Tech Fans do what they do best. They partied. Right on the court.

Tubby Smith praised the crowd saying, "The noise really rattles your opponents."

The Huffington Post, actually credits the Tech fans (and court storming) for the win against OU saying a Toddrick Gotcher travel was lost in the frenzy.

Oklahoma v Texas Tech
Getty Images - John Weast

There were even some local celebrities among the mayhem. The intra-sport camaraderie has always been above par and time and time again these Texas Tech athletes are supporting other Texas Tech athletic programs. The baseball team was also in attendance, and some guy named Kliff Kingsbury was sitting front row.

The court rushing is nothing new. In fact Texas Tech upsets lots of people. They did it in 2005 too, on the back of Darryl Dora when KU was ranked 1st in the polls. Texas Tech has a hastag dedicated to the Lubbock atmosphere. #upsetliveshere

Here they are storming all over Kansas in 2007.

Here they are storming the #6 Aggies.

It's been back to back years storming #9 Iowa State. Here is the 2014 version.

Not a court but here is an all-time favorite. Tech fans rushed the field at least 5 times at the end of this game. Texas was ranked numero uno at the time.

One more from the Jones for good measure, and proof even Tommy Tubberville can lead an upset if it's in the friendly confines of the Jones. This was when WVU was ranked 5th in the nation.

There are publications who rank Tech fans as some of the rudest fans in all of college sports. Back in 2011 BleacherReport.com featured Tech at No. 8 on the rudest fan bases in college football. Citing 2 A&M incidents in their post including one involving shoe polish and excrement.

The other is one of the most memorable field storming experiences of all-time, when the goal posts were removed and just happened to find their way into the A&M section of the stands.

They misspell "classic clowning" in the headline but here is some footage. (sidenote: camera phones have come a long way.)

Sure Tech fans can get out of hand, hell even this past year when TCU was in town there was some fan problems following a certain play.

But let's not let a few bad eggs stop us from grasping the reality, Texas Tech has so many upsets because the Tech fan base shows up for big games.

You can call Tech fans rude, you can call them tacky, you can get mad that they scream obscenity during the fight song, but you can't deny that they show up. In a climate of live events where attendance is steadily dropping Texas Tech fans, particularly the students, are setting records.

If all the bad stigma and reputation leads to wins on the field, I'm proud to be a Tech fan and I'm proud that "Upset lives in Lubbock".


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