Texas Tech President Dr. Lawrence E. Schovanec joined 1340 The Fan's sister station KFYO's Dave King and Matt Martin to announce record enrollment for the school and more in a fascinating interview. Here's a write-up of the entire interview from KFYO's Connor Abernathie.

The juicy stuff starts in the video above, starting at the 11:27 mark. Schovanec is asked about the Forbes.com ranking that said the Texas Tech football program is the 25th most profitable program in the NCAA, which is a major accomplishment. Of course, Dr. Schovanec heaps praise onto Texas Tech Athletic Director Kirby Hocutt, and rightfully so. "He's a consummate professional. He's so skilled and talented," Schovanec said of Hocutt.

Dr. Schovanec was then asked about the controversy swirling around Houston not signing off on Texas Tech wearing white as the home team.

"Is that normal?" Martin asked Schovanek. "No," he responded, adding, "I have definite thoughts on that, but let's keep this professional." Great answer.

That brings us to the bombshell about Cody the Horse, who took over for an injured Fearless Champion at Texas Tech's home opener against Lamar.

"There was kind of a neat story at the game," Schovanec started innocently enough. "Fearless Champion came up lame, and there's a young lady, Sydney, who comes from a long line of Aggies who broke the mold and came to Texas Tech." (Great for Sydney -- getting out of a bad situation is hard when it's your family putting you in that scenario.)

Dr. Schovanec continued: "When we did not have a horse, her family provided that horse called Cody." Here's the kicker. "So think about that: there was an Aggie horse leading the football team onto the field."

WHAT? Cody was an Aggie? I say 'was' because he's ingrained into the fabric of Texas Tech lore now, but what ominous beginnings to what would go on to be a beautiful story. I think there might even be a movie deal on the line: 'A horse who was destined for mediocrity, until a series of events led him to greatness.'

Dr. Schovanec finished the story of Cody with a great joke from the University of Texas Dean of the Honors College, who said: "I thought that horse looked slow." Making fun of the Aggies is what the Longhorns are great at.

Cody, however, is not an Aggie anymore. He was cleansed by smoke when he was saddled up with the Double T and led the team to a 77-0 victory over Lamar.

Long live the Matador, and Cody the Horse, who is now forever a Red Raider.

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