I know, I know -- I was surprised, too. But according to Forbes.com, Texas Tech is the 25th most profitable football program in the NCAA, with $ 31 million in profits. You could chalk it up to the Big 12 TV money, but Texas Tech is one of three Big 12 schools behind only Texas and Oklahoma.

No surprise with the top two, but why is Texas Tech the third most profitable Big 12 program when TCU, WVU, Oklahoma State and other Big 12 schools with more success don't make it on the list?

Firstly, that speaks to the Texas Tech Alumni and fanbase, who continue to pump money into the program regardless of the team's success. In fact, according to The A-J's Don Williams, Texas Tech season tickets haven't wavered at all.

The football team also gets a bump from the success of Texas Tech baseball going to Omaha every other year, and the Texas Tech basketball team going to the Elite 8 just last season. This is also where I should mention the success that Texas Tech tennis, golf, track and soccer have seen in recent years. And that leads me to Kirby Hocutt.

Kirby Hocutt, the best Athletic Director in the country, has Texas Tech in a position it's never been before. A position of complete power and on the brink of owning the Big 12. The size of Texas Tech and the massive alumni base can totally compete with the rest of the Big 12. Why stop at 3rd most profitable?

The renovations to Jones AT&T Stadium have been incredible in the last several years, and they aren't done. The Sports Performance Center and locker room renovations have Texas Tech near the top tier of facilities around the country.

You also can't mention the profitability of the Texas Tech football program without talking about the NFL talent you see in today's landscape. Seven Texas Tech wide receivers are on NFL rosters. Former QB Patrick Mahomes is one of the rising stars in the league. And Danny Amendola and Luis Vasquez have both won Super Bowl rings in the last decade.

The bottom line is, Texas Tech football is more successful than wins and losses. I know that isn't what seems important on game day, but Kliff Kingsbury also deserves credit to where Texas Tech has risen in recent years. The Under Armour jerseys, the marketability, the national exposure -- Kingsbury has his hands all over that.

A sub .500 record is bad, but the money is undeniable.

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