Texas Tech's Dakota Allen was a huge part of the defense in 2015, and he looks to be a big part of the 2017 season. During the 2016 season? He was filming the much anticipated second season of Last Chance U, the sensational Netflix docudrama about the EMCC football program.

If you haven't seen the first season, go watch it right now. It includes a plethora of D1 talent that couldn't make it at the D1 one level. Either for grades, felonies or whatever random reason it didn't work out. The first season featured John Franklin III, who transferred to EMCC in between stints at Florida State and Auburn, and about four other players along with the coaching staff and student adviser.

Season 2 will follow the same outline, and if the trailer means anything, Dakota Allen will be one of the players featured on the show. Check him out in the trailer below.

That's Dakota Allen saying, "They charged me with a second degree felony." What a way to get Texas Tech University some recognition. Any publicity is good publicity, right?

The off-field story in season 1 revolved around the recruitment back to the D1 level for these players. Which means it's not out of the question to expect some Dakota Allen and Texas Tech drama, with Allen being re-recruited by Texas Tech after being kicked off the team.

It might even be safe to say Kliff Kingsbury will be making his Netflix debut, even if it's just his voice.

The second season of Last Chance U drops on Netflix Friday, July 21st.


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