The Big 12 and the SEC took part in challenge over the weekend that saw all 10 Big 12 teams face off with SEC opponents. The two conferences tied 5 to 5, but Texas Tech did their job, beating LSU 77 to 64.

That sounded like a 7th grade math word problem, but it does not change the fact that Texas Tech was super on Saturday. Not only on the court, but in the stands as well.

It was "Superhero Day" for the kids of Lubbock at the game, and the student section took it to the next level. With classic super heroes like Spider-Man, Batman, Green Arrow, Iron Man and Mrs. Incredible, the student section was full of crime-fighting power.

Also in attendance was Banana Man and Left Shark (from Katy Perry's Super Bowl Halftime Show).

The most heroic costumes of the afternoon belonged to the four gentlemen dressed as ESPN commentators. Maybe not the most well regarded of the superheroes, but the desk itself was a pretty heroic costume piece.


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