Patrick Mahomes and the Texas Tech offense reached into their bag of tricks and pulled out this wild jet sweep double flea flicker that paid off with a touchdown against Louisiana Tech Saturday night in Lubbock.

The 42-yard touchdown involved QB Patrick Mahomes and wide receivers Jonathan Giles and Cameron Batson.

At the start of the play, Mahomes hands it off to Giles, who then pitches it to Cameron Batson, who returns it back to Mahomes, who hits Giles. It was all very confusing to watch -- especially for two unlucky Louisiana Tech players who collided with each other trying to stop Giles.

The two angles 1340 The Fan got on the sidelines, however, don't really provide a clear picture of the play and all the ball exchanges. For that, check out the clip below, which was posted on Twitter by the Big XII Conference. It gives you a much better idea of the level of teamwork on display by the Red Raider offense during the trick play.

While this trick play doesn't quite measure up to what Texas Tech pulled on Texas last year in their win in Austin (an epic play called "little people, big world"), it did add some excitement to a first half that saw Texas Tech dominating Louisiana Tech. The second half? Well, that's a whole other story.

Giles had a big night, pulling in six receptions with three touchdowns. And Mahomes continued to show just why he's on the list of Heisman Trophy candidates.

Texas Tech was able to hold off Louisiana Tech's second-half comeback to win, 59-45. The victory pushed the Red Raiders' 2016 record to 2-1.


    Texas Tech-Louisiana Tech Highlights

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