Texas Tech Football fans are known for getting under opposing players' and coaches' skin during a game. Students yelling, Saddle Tramps and cheerleaders cheering, and the occasional tortilla tossed at the start of a half.

In the season opener two weeks ago, a Stephen F. Austin coach flipped off the crowd. Saturday night during the Texas Tech-Louisiana Tech game, it apparently happened again.

NFL super agent Leigh Steinberg late in the second quarter of Texas Tech's win sent out an innocuous tweet concerning Bulldog wide receiver Kam McKnight:

In the first half, McKnight caught no passes, but was targeted twice, including on a 3rd & 9 at about the 11:20 mark of the second quarter. Based upon the time of Steinberg's tweet, it's probably after this series in which he saw the incident.

No visual evidence has come to light of McKnight's alleged transgression, but we will keep searching for the footage. Meanwhile, if you're a college football player, flipping off fans is not the best way to get on an NFL agent's radar.

Keep scrolling down to see our sideline-shot highlight reel from the game + a post-game Q&A with Texas Tech Football Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury.

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