A big rumor hit the internet this week that there was a "confrontation" between Texas Tech men's basketball head coach Mark Adams and Texas Longhorns head basketball coach Chris Beard outside the United Supermarkets Arena the night before the two teams faced off against each other in Lubbock, Texas. Here's what we know about the situation.

It all started with the tweet below from KAMC News Sports Anchor Mason Horodyski and blew up from there. You can see his tweet had 200+ retweets and 300+ quote tweets.

After that, other news outlets started picking up the story. It was even sent to me directly. However, at least one key person spoke up and said KAMC's source's claim wasn't accurate. That person? Mark Adams himself.

In front of local media following the Red Raiders' 77-64 roasting of the Longhorns, Coach Adams was asked about the so-called confrontation and said that it was "not true," adding, "there were a few concerns that he had..." and "Beard and I are great."

You can watch Coach Adams' full response in the video below.

I get why the news outlet only said "a source" because they're allowed to keep that quiet, but it sure isn't looking good for them judging by some reactions on Twitter. KAMC, however, is still posting on Twitter and standing by their statement.

You can see in the Twitter thread below that people were not happy that they used the word "confrontation" when Adams went out saying that it was just a talk. So it's up to your interpretation on what you really think happened. KAMC's Bryan Mudd, addressing the criticism, defiantly said, "we'll stand by the reporting. Read slowly and it'll sink in eventually."

I honestly do think Adams and Beard talked like he admitted at the post-game press conference, but to call it a "confrontation" might be a little strong. We all know emotions were running high this week both ahead of and during the game, but it seems like some things may have been taken out of context.

No matter what actually did or didn't happen, this just shows that you can't always believe what you read on social media. I really hope people learn that here.

One thing's for sure, and it's something we already knew: Coach Adams is the best. He stayed in Lubbock, and the Texas Tech fanbase has his back. Last night proved that for all the doubters. After the game, Coach Adams said, "I have no doubt I made the right choice after that win tonight."

We all know you made the right choice, coach. Can't wait for the next game because we will have your back there as well.

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