Texas Tech basketball takes after its head coach, Mark Adams. That's generally how it works in college athletics. Players and programs are led from the front. Texas Tech baseball plays with an even temperament that always seems to be bubbling with fire underneath the surface, much like Tim Tadlock.

You look at a guy like Joey McGuire and hope to see the team emulate his level of energy on the field that he's been showing off the field and in recruiting.

Back to Mark Adams and Texas Tech basketball.

The team last year was underrated and written off early as guys who weren't talented enough to compete. Transfers from UTEP, Hampton, and Winthrop didn't seem to be on par with transfers from Kentucky and Creighton. Much like Adams has done his entire career, the Red Raiders persevered and outworked the competition, doing less with more.

Now, heading into year two, the Red Raiders are now not only taking after Mark Adams' mental toughness, but they are also trying to be more like him physically as well.

That's right, Adams has his players boxing to get ready for the tough Big 12 physicality.

The Red Raiders are learning from the former Gold Glove Boxer as they punch their way through the offseason. If this Red Raiders team wants to match the Sweet 16 run of last year's squad, they'll need to fight like a boxer through all 18 rounds of the Big 12 season.

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