I'm not calling for Texas Tech to fire Kliff Kingsbury. That being said...

The Kliff Kingsbury doubters are now out in full force after the latest home loss to West Virginia. His seat is getting warmer by the game and is even being listed as one of the top 10 hottest seats nationally.

Whether you agree with the "Fire Kingsbury" sentiment there is a larger contingency of fans that are growing weary of losing. The offense that was supposed to out score everybody hasn't done that. The defense has improved on paper but is still one of the worst in the nation.

There haven't been many positives at all this season, and at 3-3 there is serious doubt that a Bowl berth is in Texas Tech's future. When many believed that an 8-win season was in the cards, a 5-7 team would be a drastically underwhelming.

Can Texas Tech afford to fire Kliff Kingsbury? I mean this literally and figuratively.

Can the school literally afford to fire Kingsbury? There is a $9.4 million buyout after this season. It's $6.775 million after 2017, $4 million after the 2018 season and $2.05 million after 2019.

How about figuratively? Who do you hire? Chad Morris, who is 2-4 at SMU, was talked about in 2012 when Kingsbury was hired.

There's Les Miles, but I don't think that Texas Tech has enough to hire a Coach of Miles' stature, especially if a job like USC is available.

A name that has gained some steam lately is Art Briles. Yes, that Art Briles.

He has a history with Texas Tech. He likes smaller, slower paced Texas towns.

Some fans who are entertaining the idea went as far as bringing a sign to the WVU game. Chad Hasty, who's on the air 8:30 to 11 a.m. on our sister station KFYO, spotted the sign during the second half. While we couldn't find a clear picture of the sign during the game, the sign, or one just like it, was displayed in a building on campus.

Would you want Art Briles at Texas Tech?


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