Oh, you didn't know? Former Texas Tech star and current Kansas City Chiefs gunslinger Patrick Mahomes can toss the ball with his left hand, too.

The play that captivated fans everywhere, especially Mahomes' collegiate fanbase who quickly joined the Chiefs Kingdom this season, is this one from Monday Night Football:

Facing a 3rd and 5 situation, Mahomes scrambled out of the pocket toward the sidelines with three Broncos hot on his heels. A split second before he's tackled, Mahomes deftly puts the football into his left hand and tosses it around 11 yards downfield to an open Tyreek Hill, keeping the Chiefs' drive alive.

"Are you kidding me," one of the announcers exclaimed. "This guy is incredible."

Lubbock already knew that Mahomes is an incredible talent (because of plays like this), but everyone else is still learning. On Monday, that included Denver Broncos fans. A Chiefs fan at the game snapped a perfectly-time selfie that illustrates the sheer shock from Broncos fans in the stands at the game.

The quality of the selfie isn't the best. But those reactions are.

The Kansas City Chiefs remain undefeated at 4-0. And the brightness of Mahomes' star continues to grow.

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See Patrick Mahomes in action at Texas Tech

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